Yoda Rolling Tray Set




Introducing our exquisite Resin Rolling Tray Set with Grinder and Stash Jar featuring the iconic Yoda design, adorned in captivating shades of white and green. This meticulously crafted set combines functionality with an enchanting aesthetic, ensuring an unforgettable smoking experience for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The rolling tray, meticulously made from high-quality resin, offers a smooth and durable surface to effortlessly roll your favorite herbs and tobacco. With its generous size and raised edges, it provides ample space for your rolling essentials, preventing any precious material from spilling.

Accompanying the tray is a premium grinder designed for efficiency and precision. Crafted with sharp, diamond-shaped teeth and a sturdy magnetic closure, this grinder effortlessly transforms your herbs into a consistent, fluffy texture, allowing for optimal burning and smooth hits.

To complete this remarkable set, we’ve included a stash jar, adorned with the iconic Yoda artwork, adding a touch of whimsy to your collection. This airtight jar ensures the freshness and potency of your herbs, preserving their flavors and aromas over time.

With its striking white and green color scheme, inspired by Yoda’s timeless wisdom, this resin rolling tray set seamlessly blends functionality and style. Whether you’re an avid smoker or a dedicated Star Wars enthusiast, this set is a must-have addition to your collection.

Experience the force of convenience and elegance with our Resin Rolling Tray Set with Grinder and Stash Jar featuring Yoda, and elevate your smoking rituals to new intergalactic heights. Shop now and may the flavor be with you!


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