Tinkerbell Wineglass with Word Believe


Holds 15 oz

Hand wash only


Hello there! It sounds like you’re looking for a Tinker Bell-themed wine glass with the words “believe ” on it. We have just the thing! Our beautiful Tinker Bell Believe ¬†Wine Glass is the perfect accessory for any fan of the beloved Disney character. The glass features Tinker Bell’s signature silhouette and an inspirational message that reads “believe .” Not only is it perfect for your favorite beverage, but it also makes a great gift for any Tinker Bell fan. Thanks for your interest in our Tinker Bell Believe Wine Glass!

Tinkerbell wineglasses are the perfect way to bring a bit of magic and wonder into your life! These beautiful glasses are crafted with intricate details and are a great way to enjoy a glass of your favorite wine while also believing in the power of a little bit of pixie dust!


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